#The100DayProject: Day 88 to Day 100-Recap & Conclusion

Due to the pressure of having to post daily on Instagram I developed a nice new sketchbook practice for myself: I filled at least one page in my sketchbook per day, even though I had no idea what to draw. What really helped me coming up with ideas for days when my creativity just didn’t seem to spark was creating Pinterest mood boards. Pinterest (and the internet in general) is such an inspiring place and if you’re not sure what to draw, you can simply go on a random image hunt and draw the first thing that sparks your visual interest.

As I was coming closer to the finish line of the 100 day project I started to draw more and more animals. Becoming more confident in my abilities to draw and to develop my skills was one of the many positive effects the challenge had on me. I practiced drawing on a daily basis before, but since I never shared my work online, I didn’t feel the need to draw more diverse subjects or illustrations that would look nice next to each other on an Instagram feed.

100 Day Challenge Illustrations 88-90

#90 Bear Sketches #89 Picnic with a bear #88 A new sketchbook practice

100 Day Challenge Illustrations 91-93

#91 Sketchbook Plants #92 Woodwork Frida #93 Pippi Longstocking

100 Day Project Illustrations 94-96

#96 The one time I tried to draw a llama #95 Coraline #94 Stranger Things

In the end I was kinda relieved that the 100 days were over, but at the same time I did miss creating illustrations for the challenge. I had built a habit of preparing content for my Instagram feed and learned so much over the course of the three months the challenge took place. I learned that the pieces I wasn’t too happy with (because I considered them to be too faulty) were the ones that resonated the most with my audience.

I learned that my creativity comes in cycles – and that they are super regular. I learned that it makes no sense to wait until you’re ready, because the time to start is now. I also learned that regular practice makes a hell lot of a difference – not only in improving your hard skills, but also in getting to know yourself better.

100 Day Challenge Illustrations 97-99

#97 Cleaning Supplies #98 Angry woman turned gardener #99 Some more bear studies

100 Day Challenge Illustration No. 100

#100 Finishing the 100 Day Project

As I started the project with a digital drawing, I thought it would be nice to end with another digital one as well. If you compare my first digital illustrations with the one I created today, it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come in only 100 days of daily drawing. It’s a good reminder to always keep your old art as a reference point.

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