#The100DayProject: Day 73 to Day 87-Recap

From Day 73 on I almost exclusively shared traditional artwork. Working traditionally has a whole other feeling to it than working on the iPad. When I got the iPad in January I had little to no experience with digital illustration. I had worked on a digital project illustrating a whole travel journal in 2018 before, but I only used Photoshop to apply color to scanned in pencil sketches. So my focus at the beginning of the year lay heavily on learning how to use ProCreate.

100 Day Challenge Illustration 73, 74 & 75

#73 Starting a new sketch book #74 Quick sketch #75 Favorite objects of a little lady

100 Day Challenge Illustration 76, 77 & 78

#78 Tree House #77 Nature in a cup #76 Practicing hands

100 Day Challenge Illustration 79, 80 & 81

#81 Digital Treehouse #80 Kitchen Objects #79 Drawing on wood

Returning back to my traditional roots I learned a very important lesson: Every technique I developed illustrating in ProCreate I could take and apply to the sketchbook page with my markers and colored pencils and vice versa.

Now I have developed a new working and learning routine for myself: I switch between digital and traditional mediums from time to time and let my illustration style and skills evolve from that.

This has worked amazingly for me and I’ve been having more fun than ever drawing in different mediums and not getting to stuck or bored with one direction.

100 Day Challenge Illustration 82, 83 & 84

#82 Creating my first original character #83 Mushroom Picker Postcard #84 Cooking veggie stew

100 Day Challenge Illustration 85, 86 & 87

#85 Mushroom Picking Lady Sketch #86 Mountain Home #87 Gardening Lady

I also discovered new drawing topics I’ve become obsessed with: Drawing quirky objects, little houses and of course more plants (You can never draw enough plants!). Oh and mushrooms have become a favorite painting subject as well.

Something changed with my approach to the drawing materials as well: Before I hated it when my markers left streaks on the page and I therefore always deemed my illustrations ugly. But now with my new approach to color and working more loosely I started to appreciate and even intentionally use my supplies in a way to create texture and uneven color.

I experimented even further with the drawing surface I used: On Day 79 I created my first illustration on a wooden disc using posca pens in plain black and white. Drawing on wood is something I want to do much more of in the future – Even though it’s technically the same as drawing on paper, right? Using wood as a canvas just works to well with the core themes of coziness and rural life I want to incorporate in my art.


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