#The100DayProject: Day 46 to Day 72-Recap

On Day 46 I decided to follow my guts and stopped trying to post what I thought would be popular on Instagram and started uploading what I liked instead – Not that I didn’t like the illustrations I previously posted, but the work I put out now felt much more like myself.

I ditched the bubbly colors and went full on earthy mode. Suddenly I felt super excited about my art again and I bursted from inspiration. I worked like a maniac to produce as much work as possible during this time. To be honest: I was afraid that the inspiration might vanish as fast as it came and I wanted to use this newfound energy to the fullest. (Spoiler: I learned through this challenge that creativity comes in ebbs and flows – it’s your job to show up every day and eventually the muse will show up as well.)

100 Day Challenge Illustration 46, 47 & 48

#48 Tote Bag Design #47 Changing up my color palette #46 Trying out something new

100 Day Challenge Illustration 49, 50 & 51

#49 Drawing plants #50 Shirt Design #51 Rainy Days

100 Day Challenge 52, 53 & 54

#54 House Plant Gang #53 Cactus Pattern #54 Cacti Bowl

I did two product designs on Day 48 and Day 50 (Halfway mark!): One of my goals for my illustration business is to create an online shop and sell my own illustrated goods. I used the 100 day challenge to create two product mock-ups: A shirt for True Crime-junkies like me and a tote bag for mother’s day as a gift for my mum to accompany her on her sauna trips.

Then I discovered my passion for drawing (house) plants: It’s so relaxing to apply texture to the leaves! I especially enjoy drawing succulents and cacti. The different shapes these plants come in are a lot of fun to paint. I also tried to make my first digital pattern design.

I limited my color palette drastically and started to use only a handful of colors in my work instead of all colors of the rainbow. Also I dared to post stuff from my sketchbook for the first time since I started uploading on Instagram.

100 Day Challenge 55, 56 & 57

#57 Frida #56 Mermay #55 Tove Jansson

100 Day Challenge 58, 59 & 60

#58 Sneak Peek #59 Being Tired #60 Cat Boss

100 Day Challenge Illustration 61, 62 & 63

#62 Monstera Deliciosa #63 Gardening Tools #61 Lost but not forgotten

With the beginning of June and Day 62 I was fully commited to drawing gardening themed illustrations – A theme that has stuck with me ever since. I dedicated an illustration to my newly adopted Monstera plant and it got a whooping 250+ likes – It’s strange how the pieces you’re not that proud of always seem to resonate the most with your audience.

My feed changed a lot over the course of the next days and weeks: A topic began to emerge and I realised that slow living, plants and cozy themed pieces are at the basic core theme of my illustration work.

Veggie Standalone Illustrations

100 Day Challenge Illustration 64, 65 & 66

#66 Watercolor experiments #65 My favorite food #64 Rosemary Lady (WIP)

100 Day Challenge Illustration 67, 68 & 69

#67 Rosemary Lady #68 Peaceful country home #69 Mock Up Sticker Sheet

100 Day Challenge Illustration 70, 71 & 72

#72 Different kinds of Love – Part 2 #71 Finishing a sketchbook #70 Different kinds of Love – Part 1

On June 11th I finished my sketchbook and decided to celebrate with the purchase of new art supplies and a promise to myself: I wanted to get closer to the core theme of my work and the next logical step for me was to switch to a more traditional medium: alcohol markers and colored pencils.

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