#The100DayProject: Day 28 to Day 45-Recap

Being four weeks into the project I still wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the “girlie” colors and the loose subjects I illustrated. I ended the fourth week with my first (and up to now last) speedpaint video of a ProCreate drawing. If you’re curious you can still watch it here.

100 Day Challenge Illustration 28, 29 & 30

#30 Sweet Bedtime Stories #29 What it feels like #28 Going 100% Digital

100 Day Challenge Illustration 31, 32 & 33

#32 Little Misfortune #31 Frida Kahlo #33 Taking Care of myself

100 Day Challenge Illustration 34, 35 & 36

#36 Maude Wagner #34 Mermay #35 Practicing Backgrounds

I started to feel drained and anxious around that time, so I decided to try and turn mit mental health issues into illustrations. A lot of the illustrations I posted during this time frame are reworks of older stuff I’ve done. Looking back some of them they look a bit too bubbly for my taste, but you live and you learn, right?

Speaking of learning: I tried to create my first animation in ProCreate on the Little Misfortune-fanart I did for Killmonday Games (my favorite game devs and creative heroes!). I have a tiny bit of experience with animating in Photoshop, but not nearly enough – Animation is something I really want to dive into in the future.

100 Day Challenge Illustration 38, 39 & 40

#39 Lone Survivor #38 Strong and Feminine #40 Mother’s Day

100 Day Challenge Illustration 37, 41 & 42

#41 Mermay #42 Suspiria #37 My best friend’s wedding

100 Day Challenge Illustration 43, 44 & 45

#43 My Workspace (WIP) #45 Thank You #44 My Workspace

Then #Mermay came along and I decided to participate by posting a mermaid illustration every Sunday. I know that a lot of people are super enthusiatic about drawing mermaids, but I don’t really enjoy drawing them. I like the fact that they don’t have legs and feet (because I struggled to draw those at that time), but other than that I’m not really into mermaids.

Six weeks into the 100 day challenge I decided to take a break from drawing people and turned to illustrating more objects and environments. And then something truly magical happened: I started to become interested in textures – and I ditched the idea of super polished art. This set the tone for what was about to come: Some of my favorite illustrations I did during the whole project.

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