Powerful Women Week – 7 Illustrations about Feminism

During the second week of September the Powerful Women Week –  a challenge created by female artists for female artists – took place on Instagram. Since I’m a passionate feminist and a woman myself I knew right from the beginning that I had to participate. I would have never imagined to meet so many great fellow female artists and to feel so inspired by the prompts and their gorgeous work. Since the work I created for this challenge is very dear to my heart I decided to share the artworks of #PowerfulWomenWeek on my blog.

Illustration of two women and a purple night sky

Day 1: Soul Sisters

I started the week of with a portrait of two women sharing a calm and peaceful moment together for the first prompt “Soul Sisters”. I tried to use a different color palette for this illustration. I wanted to limit myself to a handful of colours and create a whimsical image that portrays the gentle and loving side of sisterhood. I also tried to experiment a bit with the background by adding some cloudy shapes instead of leaving it in one plain colour.

Portrait illustration of a soviet female soldier during World War II

Day 2: Femme & Fierce

The second prompt was “Femme & Fierce” and it was my chance to finally draw a portrait of one of the infamous Night Witches. It’s a portrait of Natalya Fyodorovna Kravtsova. She was a flight commander in the 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment which was later called the “Night Witches” by their German targets. She fought in 840 night combat missions for the Soviet Union during World War II.

Here’s a little sidenote: My favourite band is Sabaton. Yup, that Swedish metal band with the historical lyrics. I’ve learned more about the history of war from their songs than I ever learned in school. It was from their song “Night Witches” that I first heard of the women who fought during World War II. They were nowhere to be found in the history books we had in school. I don’t want to glorify war or war heroes in any shape or form, but knowing that there were women like Natalya who fought in war just like their male counterparts gives me a feeling of empowerment.

Illustration of different fists risen up in the air in a protest

Day 3: Equality

A quick and simple illustration for prompt no. 3 “Equality”. I think it’s important to say out loud that feminism is not a women’s only club – Feminism is for everyone and everyone is welcome to join. We are all in this together! Gender stereotypes harm all of us no matter which gender we identify as.

Illustration of a naked woman and her thoughts about her own body

Day 4: My Body

A very personal piece for day 4’s prompt “My Body”. I’ve always felt insecure about my body. There are good days and bad days. I wish I could say that I always feel confident in my own skin, but unfortunately I can’t. On some days I love my whole self – I can eat chocolate without beating myself up for it or I can go swimming without being deeply ashamed of the way I look. On other days I feel disgusted when I see my reflection in the mirror or I hate myself for not fitting into a random piece of clothing.

It’s a journey. Loving yourself is hard especially in the society we live in right now. We see advertisements that subconsciously tell us over and over again how flawed and imperfect we are. We see other women on the cover of magazines photoshopped to death and sold to us as the ideal of beauty. Sometimes it feels like society tells us that the only purpose of a woman is to be pretty for others to look at. And I’m so tired of this bullshit.

Here’s to self love and hoping that one day we can overcome the insecurities and the mean voices in our heads – We are beautiful just the way we are.

Illustration of a furious woman screaming in rage

Day 5: Hear me roar

Nothing much to say about day 5’s prompt “Hear me roar”. It was fun to experiment with different facial expressions and to depict a woman screaming in anger.

Illustration of different office supplies

Day 6: Girl Boss

For day 6 “Girl Boss” I decided to stray away from the character pieces for once and practice drawing objects again. Since I loved to do flatlays back in my days working as a blogger, I decided to draw a flatlay with girl boss essentials for this prompt. I also limited my color palette to practice drawing textures.

Illustration of a woman holding a flower

Day 7: You are enough

The last prompt on day 7 was “You are enough”. This is my favorite piece I created for the powerful women week – probably because of the warm and earthy color palette I used.

You are enough is something I should say to myself more often. I bet I’m not alone with this problem. To me feeling enough means being at peace with oneself – a calm and beautiful feeling which I tried to convey with this illustration.

The Powerful Woman Week was a great challenge that helped me discover new possibilities in my own work and challenged me to think outside my usual drawing comfort zone. If you have the chance to participate in a challenge like this I’d highly recommend it!

A huge thank you to these lovely ladies who initiated Powerful Women Week: @studiolisa @nancychalmers_ @asiaorlando_ @barbaratamilin @badass.femme @mcmeillustration @petrabraunillustration @weronika.salach
@_maggiestephenson_ .

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