Divine Feminine: Norse Goddess Freya

Illustration of Freya – The Lady of the Vanir from Norse Mythology. Freya is the goddess of love, warfare, fertility, death, beauty, magic and witchcraft. Freya is a shapeshifter and has a magical falcon feather cloak that allows her to fly. She rides in a chariot pulled by two cats, Bygul and Trjegul, and wears a glowing necklace called Brísingamen.

Freya’s day is Friday, among the flowers associated with her are wild daisies and cowslips. Since she is the goddess of passion and strong emotions I pictured her in warm golden colours with her infamous necklace (in my version forged of beautiful ambers) around her neck. I also included a little ladybug since it’s an animal that’s associated with Freya in my home country Germany – Can you spot it?

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