Divine Feminine: Slavic Goddess Baba Yaga

My personal interpretation of Baba Yaga, the infamous goddess from Slavic Folklore. Most artworks depict her as an old evil hag being mostly inspired by the fairytales about her.

I tried a different approach to show you my understanding of this deity: To me Baba Yaga is a not a mere witch, but a crone goddess who resides over life and death, time, cycles and nature. She is a goddess of duality and the personification of Mother Earth herself. This is why I decided to draw her as strict, but nevertheless kind hearted old lady.

Baba Yaga is full of wisdom and teaches us that everything in life comes at a prize. She has a deep connection to the forest and nature, thus I drew her as a half tree, half human being. There’s was no place to include her infamous house on chicken legs, so I’ve decided to give her some fancy earrings inspired by her home instead. You can turn to her for matters of empowerment, knowledge, self exploration, intuition and death.

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