In September 2020 I published my first book “Magick at Home” – completely written and illustrated by me. The book is 80 pages strong and includes over 20 detailed full color hand drawn artworks, as well as a cohesive layout design and color palette. About the book:

“A home is a safe haven to retreat to and a place for the majority of urban witches to practice their magick. It is not only built, but created by our everyday actions and activities.

This book is packed with inspiration, ideas and tutorials all around home magick. Learn how to create, maintain and protect your home. Integrate the power of plants into seemingly mundane tasks and explore the idea of house spirits.

Create a magickal homebase for yourself that you love! Lovingly crafted and filled with more than 20 hand drawn full color artworks.”

↟ Details (The hard facts!)
• Size: 170mm x 240mm
• 80 pages (plus cover)
• Text-language: English
• Over 20 full color illustrations, four chapters (plus introduction & epilogue) of text about different aspects and ideas of practicing witchcraft at home
• Material: Professionally printed with lush colors on 200gqm matte premium paper



Or learn more about the process behind the making of the book in this video: