#OurPlanetWeek Day 1: A Reflection on the Sabbats: IMBOLC (Flora & Fauna)

The first week of February marks the beginning of the Our Planet Week Challenge on Instagram: Illustrators and artists around the world join forces to create pieces based on five individual prompts to help raise awareness to care and help our beloved planet to get through this rough times of pollution, fires, unawareness, government indifference and so much more unpleasant circumstances.

Instead of focusing on the destruction and eco-anxiety aspect I decided to create a set of illustrations based on the pagan wheel of the year to acknowledge and portray the beauty of the world we live in.

From sketch to lineart – The process behind the Imbolc Artwork

Wiccans believe in the natural forces controlling and shaping the world. They can be visualized as the Goddess (basically representing Nature/ Mother Earth) and the Horned God (basically representing the Sun).  Throughout the natural seasons these two deities live through an ever repeating narrative that explains the state of nature and is marked by important plot points on each sabbat.

I strive to give you a basic run through of the wheel of the year and the Goddesses and the God’s tale throughout my artworks for #OurPlanetWeek. For each of the five prompts I chose a sabbat that corresponds with the theme of that particular day.

The first prompt is: FLORA AND FAUNA and for me the perfect opportunity to reflect on the IMBOLC sabbat.

In the northern hemisphere Imbolc takes place anywhere between the 1-4th of February. The Goddess starts her renewal into the Maiden aspect and she is honored together with the first signs of returning life after the cold days of winter. Crocus flowers start to pop up and the sun slowly begins to return. This sabbat is a preparation for the growth and renewal of nature that is to come. It is also the festival of light and is celebrated by the use of many candles.

Alternative colored version (on the left), finished piece (on the right)

I tried to fit as many correspondences as I could into my illustration for Imbolc: The young goddess holding a candle, crocus, daffodil and snow drop flowers starting to grow as well as the typical Imbolc color choices of white, green, gold and yellow.

I truly love this time of the year when nature slowly awakes after being asleep for so long. I was very happy to spot some daffodils and crocus flowers on our Imbolc walk last weekend and to hear the chirping of the birds outside my studio slowly coming back.

What is the Our Planet Week Challenge?

From Feb. 3rd a group of awesome illustrators consisting of @asiaorlando_ @belliesartboutique @corahlouiseillustration @dancelstudio @elenig @hollymaguireuk @julika.illustration @lizarusalskaya @_maggiestephenson_ @rachel_winkle are teaming up for a week full of creativity to call attention to care more and help Our Planet to get through this rough period of pollution, fires, unawareness, government indifference and so many more current environmental issues.

There will be 5 prompts to inspire and motivate every participating artist to #drawthechange – You can find the prompts on Instagram.

Help spread the word – Use the hashtags #ourplanetweek , #letsdrawthechange and tag @ourplanetweek in the image. ?

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