2019 – My Year of Digital Illustration (May-August)

This is part 2 of my reflection about my digital art journey in the year of 2019. For my thoughts about the months of January to April check out this post.

In May I finally decided to stray away from the candy coloured art and stick to more earthy tones. I tried out different drawing techniques and I struggled very hard to decide whether I should produce lineless or line heavy artwork. In the end I decided to do both, because why the hell not? My creativity seemed to be at a peek during this time, I really do love the stuff I did back then.

One of my favorite illustrations from that time is the black and white portrait of my partner and me that I eventually decided to print as stickers. I also created my first pattern design back then and I draw a whole bunch of cacti.

In June I focused on farm aesthetics and simple living as core themes of my work. I tried to draw more objects and plants to bring more variety into my work.

I also got my first monstera plant that month (who is still alive and doing pretty well up to this day!).

In July my partner and me both quit our jobs and spent most of the month renovating our flat. It turned out to be the only month of the year I didn’t really had time to draw, so I produced very little work.

One of the artworks I did was my first contribution to the Instagram Portfolio club. The monthly topic was circus and I decided to create an editorial piece about female circus artists from the last century. You can read more about the process here.

August was my first month as a full time freelance artist and it also turned out to be the hottest month of the year. I produced a lot of art and worked very hard on my portfolio and marketing materials.

My favorite artworks of the month are the lady and her bear friend illustration that eventually ended up being a postcard design and the self portrait with the brain that I used for my very first business cards. For an in depth behind the scenes look of the development of the lady and the bear check out this post.

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